Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The 3 key factors in Selling your Home

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The 3 Key factors in Selling your Home are guidelines to test the sellworthyness of your home. Yes, I said Sellworthyness Use that in a sentence 3 times today. These are litmus tests for you to get a quick view of how your home is positioned in the market.

1 - Location. You can't control this but you need to be aware of it. Everyone assumes their home is great and they don't look at it objectively. You might have a beautiful home but if your neighbors don't it is hurting you.

2 - Price. No matter how good or bad your home is, it has a selling price. This means at the right price you will attract a buyer. This you do control and the public is shopping. They don't care what you want, the key is finding the right price where a buyer will want your home compared to the competition.

3- Condition. The other thing you control is condition. By increasing the condition you will beat your competition. Remember Price is the biggest factor, because you can only increase condition so much. But sometimes it makes all the difference.

Play with price and condition to bring the sale faster. This is information anyone can use at any time in the sale. For more great tips, blogs, and everything you need to know, visit Real Estate Spokane

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