Sunday, December 30, 2007

How will the Housing Market Effect Me!

Visit for more info. With tons of news and media about the housing market, I have heard everything from the doom stories to the over optimistic and the bottom line is people need accurate information on what is really going on and how it will effect them.

Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Home Owners, Renters, and Realtors all have a stake in the market conditions and what it means to them when it comes to one of the biggest decisions they will make.

Home Buyers, Get to buying, the market is slow so prices will drop. Reates also will react to the slow market but the great loans that were so easy to get a few years ago are harder to get now or gone. Find a lender who has been around at least 5 years and they should be able to help you. Work hard at finding the loan and buy now because it's a great time.

Home Sellers, Stage your home to sell and hire the right realtor. You can't get away with having a home that doesn't show well, or that is over priced. Get your mind out of two years ago pricing and pick the right Realtor, there are more homes and more Realtors now and as the market slows there will be a pile up and overpriced homes and Realtors who haven't established a competitive business will fall by the wayside.

Renters, Get to buying. It is ripe for the picking with home prices slowing and rates lowering. If you can find the loan you'll be happy you bought in a few years when the market picks up and you bought low.

Home owners, wait a bit longer and you may have another time to get a great rate on a refi. If you missed out on the last low rates don't make the same mistake. With the election coming and slowing market they are going to do what they can to stimulate the housing market. Be prepared to act.

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